Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand

This book has been an extremely important part of my journey. This post represents not only Atlas Shrugged, but all of Ayn Rand’s other works both fiction and non fiction. She developed the philosophy of Objectivism which I studied for several years in my early thirties. If there’s anyone out there that is familiar with both Atlas Shrugged and A Course in Miracles, they are probably confused right now as these two books contain much contradiction. Alas, when I talk to people who are fans of Ayn Rand, they’ve generally never heard of A Course in Miracles. And most of my friends who study A Course in Miracles have not read Ayn Rand’s work.

There may be some cognitive biases to uncover here. Hmmm….perhaps this is worth further discussion in this blog. More coming soon…

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