Day 1 – One Teaching – What is it?

“There is and always has been only one spiritual teaching.”  Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now

This quote from Eckhart Tolle resonates deeply within me and I can feel its truth.  However, the statement begs the question, “what is that one teaching?”  I can only speculate that the answer is in the question.  It seems that “one teaching” spells oneness, except that in this oneness, we are all unique and different as individuals.

For years, I’ve been up before dawn with a burning desire for my morning cup of coffee and whatever book I’m reading.  The combination of these two things was the catalyst for my morning routine which now also includes meditation and journaling.  With the start of this new year, I have officially been journaling consistently each morning for over two years.  As I look back at my journals, it is clear to me that the common theme has been a search for the one teaching.  (The search has permeated my entire life and it took journaling to help me see it.)  

What is it that unifies us, as individual beings, to the whole in harmony?  When my head, heart, body and soul are aligned I can feel this state of oneness.  Yet, after two years of daily journaling and many, many years of reading, learning and practicing, I am still unable to precisely define the one teaching.  Despite this, I still feel a force that moves me to continue the search even though I’m not likely to ever be able to find a complete answer that words can express.

In the movie the Usual Suspects (spoiler alert!), Verbal Kent creates a whole story based on things surrounding him in the detective’s office.  The detective listens closely to the whole story not realizing the entire thing was made up.  He realizes the truth after Verbal leaves, discovering that if he had just been awake and paid attention to his surroundings, he would have seen the answer the whole time.

Could it be that the answers are all around us?  Like the detective, we may not be completely awake.  Perhaps you already know the truth.  If so, I’d love to hear your perspective.  Yet, we all must follow our own paths which means to think, to feel, to love, and to be, our own way as our part of the whole. 

Over the next days, the number of which are undetermined, I would like to share some of the signposts I’ve learned and experienced.  Some will be obvious from organized religion.  Others may be more elusive, vague examples from pop culture, business, nature, and beyond.  Together perhaps we’ll get closer to understanding the one teaching.

Tomorrow we’ll take a look at Carl Jung, human consciousness and the unconscious.  I truly hope you’ll come back for more.  If you have thoughts or comments, feel free to leave one below or send me an email!

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