Day 78 – One Teaching – Be Courageous, Encourage Others

Yesterday we talked about man’s fear of appearing weak and how this is something often buried in the unconscious as a shadow.  Many of our actions and behaviors can be driven by that unconscious fear in an attempt to maintain a false façade of strength.  If it’s an unconscious belief, we don’t even recognize we are doing it. 

On Day 25, we talked about David Hawkin’s Map of Consciousness from the book Power vs Force.  As a reminder, this is a scale of the levels of consciousness based on kinesiology testing where a volunteer is subjected to force while being exposed to an object, statement or word and their physical response is calibrated according to its strength or weakness.  The weak responses include shame, guilt, apathy, grief, fear, desire, and pride.  All of these levels require ego for survival.  Fear of weakness is also ego based and these levels of consciousness are manifested from our shadows.  The thing is, we all experience these emotional states at some point, and we all have shadows. 

Recall that courage is the dividing line between the weak and strong levels of consciousness.  The good news is that when we recognize that these things are universal characteristics of being human, we realize we are all in this together.  Courage is something that we have to find within ourselves.  Encouragement is something we can give to others.  When framed this way, you see that you have a unique ability to help another person move from weakness toward strength by simply offering encouragement.  What an amazing gift!  You have the power to help raise your own consciousness and the consciousness of others.  When that happens, the collective consciousness also rises.

What if we all spent more of our precious life energy being courageous and offering encouragement to others?

Photo by sydney Rae on Unsplash

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