The Untethered Soul, Michael A. Singer

Last year I read Michael Singer’s book, The Surrender Experiment, which was the catalyst for so much change and personal growth in my life. I am an achievement oriented person and his life philosophy of letting go of resistance seemed counter intuitive to me at first. I’ve always been one to plan, set goals, then face adversity and challenge head on. I’ve never been afraid to swim upstream and often choose to do things the hard way instead instead of following the easy path. Actually, it turns out that surrendering to resistance is not easy. It is hard to resist resistance! Maybe that’s why I like the idea of this new challenge that both of Singer’s books present for me.

The Surrender Experiment is essentially a memoir of Singer’s life. And oh, what an amazing life it has been for him. I’ve always thought that successful people must set goals and remained focused on them, fighting through adversity, until the battle is won and the goal is accomplished. That wasn’t Singer’s approach. He let life lead. For him it didn’t need to be a battle. And the places that life philosophy lead him to were both beautiful and truly amazing. The Untethered Soul preceded The Surrender Experiment. The latter explained the life that followed this man who practiced what he preached in Untethered Soul.

The Untethered Soul is profound and a very good introduction into the world of living with the flow of life. For anyone interested in getting in touch with their spirituality, but not sure where to begin, this book is the perfect start. Singer is highly relatable in his writing style. He outlines his approach to living in a state of continuous surrender in a very practical and easy to understand manner.

I’ve read many spiritual books over the past several years and some have been easier to follow than others. Many have required a certain level of context in order to grasp their authors’ full meaning. This book starts at zero. No experience necessary. The simplicity of this book is what gives it such great power. The content is foundational and I would encourage those who consider themselves advanced in the study of spirituality, but have not read The Untethered Soul, to be sure to bump it up to the top of their “read next”.

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