What Is a Coma Agreement

In addition to our specialized high voltage teams, we have a fully qualified and experienced low voltage engineering team. By adding LV maintenance to the COMA agreement, we seamlessly manage all maintenance activities on your website. As part of the COMA agreement, we will perform the following: And we offer three service level agreements for HV maintenance: In accordance with the terms of the COMA agreement, we will carry out the following: Our typical maintenance contract is based on a 5-year contract and includes 1 complete maintenance of all HV equipment and 4 annual inspections, including sampling of transformer oil. Sampling and trend analysis of transformer oil is one of the key indicators to identify a potential problem with a transformer and avoid catastrophic failure. We are also able to offer tailor-made contracts that meet customer requirements. As an SSE Enterprise Contracting customer, you benefit from a tailor-made approach that meets your specific needs. Both contracts include an annual vision review and a 24/7 error – 365 days a year – emergency response. – The latest online diagrams of your network for outdoor and field verification Freedom`s in-house technical team, consisting of SAP engineers, installers and electricians, has been serving Birmingham Airport for over a decade and working closely with the airport`s technical/delivery team. Utility Engineering Solutions Ltd provides coverage for the maintenance and repair of national substations and hires teams of highly experienced engineers and installers to maintain your equipment year after year. – We act in the role of an authorized senior if your site does not have an HT engineer or authorized person offering both types of Sinewave Energy Solutions maintenance contracts, each offering either a “non-intrusive” program or an “intrusive” program for voltages from 400 V to 132 kV.

Sinewave schedules ensure that your substation, switching and transformer installations are kept in perfect condition and that your site remains 100% compliant in terms of safety. All work is carried out in accordance with the standards required by the Electrical Work Act (1989), ESQCR, HSG 230 and BS 6626:2010. We implement renovations (repairs) identified during planned inspection work, as well as replacement and reinstallation work. Electricity North West (Construction and Maintenance) Limited is the main supplier of COMA (Control, Operation and Maintenance Agreements) in the Northwest. We have 30 years of experience helping customers maintain and efficiently operate their private grid behind their electricity meter. ENWCML provides high-voltage infrastructure design, installation and maintenance services, including COMA agreements, low-voltage construction and maintenance contracts, and several behind-the-meter options. When operating with high voltage (HV), users must comply with the Workplace Electricity Act and the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation, which ensure a secure network for their employees and business. Electricity North West (Construction & Maintenance) can help customers facilitate and overcome these changes by offering and managing a COMA (Control, Operation and Maintenance Agreements). With a COMA, we make sure you have all the policies, procedures, and operating systems in place for the HT network to work safely, so you can focus on running your business.

We have a team of designers, senior authorized persons (SAP) and technicians to help you develop and operate your network in an efficient mansion while providing secure access and managing all system operation and maintenance. Officially known as Birmingham International Airport, Birmingham Airport is the seventh largest airport in the UK with passenger sales of 11.6 million. Freedom has been tasked with performing maintenance and HV UPGRADES to ensure there are no unplanned outages and 100% resilience for their network. Freedom took care of a shed on each construction site, so security panels and locks were attached. Subsequently, the first inspection of the substation was carried out so that up-to-date records could be kept for each site. Each location was assigned to one of Freedom`s local SAP, so the customer had a point of contact for any technical issues on site. · Work that must be done according to the requirements of the production and site Decision-makers: General Manager (Corporate and Support Services) and Deputy General Manager · Maintenance in accordance with manufacturer`s guidelines and compliance with electricity at work regulations Electricity North West (Construction and Maintenance) Limited (ENWCML) is an independent and unregulated department of Electricity North West. UES` priority is the safety of our teams on the ground.

We practice safe working conditions to eliminate the risk of incidents or injuries at any time and to comply with operational and safety requirements. Once a substation is installed, private high-voltage equipment and systems must be maintained regularly in accordance with the obligations and obligations arising from the requirements of the Electricity at Work Regulations. We are a high voltage outsourcing company with more than 30 years of experience, providing a wide range of services to customers with high voltage equipment such as transformers, switchgear and cables. Visit our dedicated website for more information about our services. – Inspection and testing of the power supply and lighting of the substations and provision of an inspection certificate – We act in the role of a senior authorized person if your site/installation does not have an HV engineer or authorized person In addition, you will support each site with a 365/24/7 response in case of incidents and incidents… Oil condition monitoring (including dissolved gas analysis and PCB content). The award of a 5-year COMA contract will ensure that the Council fully complies with the law in accordance with BS6266 Maintenance of electrical equipment >1 kV and provides for adequate control and maintenance of the transformer and switchgear in the buildings concerned. · A single contact person for all questions about your HT-BT infrastructure. Freedom provides each site with annual inspections and comprehensive maintenance throughout the contract. As part of the planned work, deficiencies are identified and Freedom is also tasked with addressing them during separate site visits. By performing planned and proactive HV maintenance, with additional Resources from Freedom Group as needed, the airport`s safe and reliable high-voltage infrastructure is maintained.

Provide scheduled inspections and maintenance services for 18 wind farms across the UK. In addition, support any site with a responsive 365/24/7 response in case of outages and malfunctions. Experts in managing networks of private clients across the UK. We can also provide emergency assistance with reactive maintenance teams available at any time to help restore power supplies, track and repair cable and equipment failures, and even provide replacement HT/BT equipment using our extensive database of HT/BT equipment in various locations across the UK, including our own deposit. – We will perform switching operations and completion of circuit status certification The General Manager of Enterprise and Support Services has approved the award of a Control, Operation and Maintenance (COMA) contract for the maintenance of high voltage equipment. He agreed: We carry out the rehabilitation work (repairs) identified during the planned inspection work, as well as the replacement and new installation work. By employing our directly hired staff, consisting of experienced and skilled engineers from 11 kV to 66 kV, in a diverse and highly skilled workforce, Freedom has the ability to ensure that every contract is successfully managed, maintained and delivered according to customer standards. We developed COMA to provide our customers with a simple and cost-effective way to overcome these challenges. Contact: Murray Carr, Corporate and Support Services Email: murray.carr@stockport.gov.uk Tel: 0161-474-3019 Utility Engineering Solutions Ltd covers the maintenance and repair of national substations and hires highly experienced teams of engineers and installers to maintain your assets year after year. Freedom has a dedicated and assigned account manager for the contract. The account manager organizes all work with the client and participates in regular review meetings, and all inspection and maintenance work is subject to an agreed work schedule. Committed to the protection of our customers, people and the environment.

Our core business focuses on all aspects of high-voltage private grids from 6.6 kV to 33 kV. From operation, facility maintenance and replacement services to the complete planning and installation of your high-voltage network, we`re here for every need. Entrust the maintenance of your high and low voltage equipment in good hands. · In the event that Bidder B does not enter into a contract to proceed with Bidder C. Visual inspections on all objects of the private power plant The power to design and build your high voltage and low voltage networks. Due to the development of process electrification, our customers find that their need for average industrial and commercial power supply has increased, where the 240V or 3-phase power supply was once sufficient, customers find that they need to get their power supply from the local distribution network (the grid) with a high voltage (6.6 kV or 11 kV) because they need larger equipment, to support performance improvement. Freedom`s in-house technical team, consisting of SAP, protection engineers, installers and electricians, has been performing maintenance at Birmingham Airport for over a decade and working closely with the airport`s technical/delivery team. .