Day 21 – One Teaching – Is it the Beer?

Oneness is a an incredibly relevant topic right now.  Yesterday a new President was inaugurated.  It doesn’t matter to me what your political beliefs are and this blog ain’t gonna go there, but I trust we can all agree that the people of our nation appear to be divided.  I use the word appear because it doesn’t have to be that way. 

When you stand face to face with another human being and look him or her in the eye, you have to try pretty hard if you want to maintain the barriers you’ve built.  When the ego is leading with limiting beliefs, its hard to maintain eye contact and the tendency is to look away.  Social media, while an incredible tool for communication, is also a great harm to our society because it gives our egos a way to speak out without having to look a person in the eye.  This hardens our hearts.  (Please read the last two sentences again and tell me if you don’t feel that hurt resonate.)

Today I offer a look at one of my favorite commercials of all time provided to the world by Heineken.  Perhaps you’ve seen it.  In the spirit of “One Teaching,” this advertisement needs no explanation.  Although I will offer one suggestion: it’s not the beer that makes the magic.  Good try Heineken, but we are still very grateful for this uplifting work. Cheers!

Photo by Stella de Smit on Unsplash

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