Day 85 – One Teaching – Losing My Mind

I’m sometimes told I over analyze things or that I think too much.  I was good at math and science in school.  I studied engineering in college.  I’ve taken all kinds of personality assessments that say I am analytical, pragmatic, intellectual, focused and a thinker.  Cerebral to say the least!  These are all left-brain qualities and thankfully I know there are many other people out there like me.  Salespeople get frustrated with us because we like to ask a lot of questions and understand how things work before we buy.  Potential mates can get even more frustrated for the same reasons!  Our minds are constantly going and sometimes it seems like they simply won’t stop.

Yet enlightenment, peace and stillness all seem to be features of a quiet mind.  Connection with our inner being and our soul seem to be the same.  Alignment of mind, body, heart and soul allow us to experience the fullness of who we really are.  But what if we have an overactive mind? 

The engineer’s analytical, thinking mind is a strength and I have no doubt about this.  But I have found that my neurotic brain can end up in obsessive thought loops that cause its “user” to completely miss what’s happening in the present moment.

Taking the time to intentionally quiet the mind to give it some space can help.   Sometimes us analytical types just need to “lose our minds” for a little while.  There are many healthy ways to find this space including exercise, meditation, yoga, being in nature.  Yet, for those of us with hyper active minds, even when we do these calming activities, our brains are still going. 

For me, I’ve found that meditation is the best answer to overcoming the analytical mind.  We covered this topic in more detail on Day 43 so I won’t go into detail here.  The point of this post is to simply reassure those with the overly active mind, that your ability to think is a great strength and you must continue to use it to be the person you were meant to be.  The trick is to use your mind as a tool and not let your mind use you by taking over. 

Photo by Natasha Connell on Unsplash

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